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In June 2007 I decided to look into returning to school for my Bachelor's degree. I had been managing okay with my Associate's degree, but the idea of moving back home [South Florida] without more education under my belt was not so appealing. By the end of July I had started my first class. Two years later I am five classes away from completing that degree and my oldest child is about to start her college journey. View my complete profile

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With this blog I hope to share some of what I have learned through my experiences as an online student and now, mom of a college student. Here you will find great scholarships, student deals, and other information to help with your voyage into higher education. Happy Studying!

Reflections and Contemplations

book girl
Today I reflected on my return to college. Actually, I do this a lot lately given my non-job status and accumulation of student loans. I am thankful I do not have to pay the majority of these back until after I graduate. Small consolation given my oldest will be graduating high school this year and starting her college career in the Fall. Sigh.

So, in my reflections and contemplations I think about how my future degree will impact my future career, truly. Or maybe it is the contemplation of the existence of any future career. There are more and more layoffs each day. People are starting to dumb down their qualifications just to avoid being passed over for a position they are more than qualified to perform. This is something I recently decided to do. Sad thing is, I do not have that high of qualifications. I have tons of experience. I am capable of doing so much. I cannot find a job.

I by no means regret the decision to return for my degree or feel education is unnecessary. Quite the opposite, really. I love learning. I want to learn so many things. I want to finish my Bachelors and get my Masters. If I am still unemployed my Masters will have to wait, but it will be something I do pursue. I want to get my Bachelors in something completely different than finance or accounting or even business. I want to return and possibly study computer technology. I am good with problem solving. I like taking apart computers, laptops, you name it. I have looked into the courses needed. Some day.

As I contemplate my future prospects and opportunities I also try to find what it is I want to do for the rest of my life. Is it accounting? Is it computers? Is there something else? Am I missing something? Do I even know what I want to be when I grow up? So many questions needing answers. And regardless of this I am optimistic. There is doom and gloom on the news every day. My husband was recently laid off. Neither of us is working and I am optimistic. Something good is on the horizon. This education thing will pay off. Maybe not in the way I first intended, but it will pay off.

So, if you are contemplating your education, think about what is it you want. What do you want to gain from this pursuit? Will it improve your career, life, outlook? Or is this something you want to do for you? And, if money is a problem check out some of my earlier posts on where you can learn something new at no cost. What I have determined is the economy will rise and fall and I will have little control over that. But I have full control over my personal betterment. Now I need to study for my final in project management. Then it is on to managerial/cost accounting. Only one more year.

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In honor of inauguration day and the changing of the guard, Fastweb wants to give one lucky subscriber the opportunity to win $1,000. Just log in on January 20th and you are automatically entered for a chance to win. So, do not delay. Head over to Fastweb and get your entry. And I hope you were able to watch the swearing in ceremony to mark this important day in our country's history. But if you were not so fortunate take heart, I am embedding it at the end of this post thanks to TPM TV and YouTube.

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Upromise.comYesterday I reviewed some scholarship sites you should check out. How timely that today I receive an email from Upromise for a $2,500 scholarship to be given away to 200 lucky applicants. That is $500,000 in scholarships. Here are the eligibility requirements as taken from their site.

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It is Always in Season to Earn Money for College

It is mid-year and everyone is coming off the holiday high and hitting those books once again. While many may be focused on the return to school or looking forward to Spring Break (woo hoo), now is a great time to apply for some great scholarships. Remember, those student loans will have to be paid one day, why not lessen your burden and win some money to pay for school.

CollegeBoard Scholarship Search is a great resource to start your search for scholarships that match you. Not everyone has a 4.0 GPA or volunteers; and what about extracurricular activities? If you are like me a returning student then many of the scholarships you might come across can seem discouraging. But do not fret; there are many scholarships available for all types of students.

Previously I have mentioned FastWeb and and feel them to be so valuable that another mention is just what is needed. First, sign up for an account with FastWeb. They send you email updates on new scholarship and internship opportunities. Additionally, FastWeb sends reminders of scholarship deadlines. If you favorited a scholarship and forgot about it FastWeb will remind you; and in plenty of time for submission. But wait, there is more. FastWeb has tons of resources ranging from how to prepare for college, write an essay, the advantage of applying online, etc. is more than just a great site for finding scholarship opportunities. has valuable resource information on applications strategies, area of study specific scholarship opportunities, listing by grade level (high school, undergraduate, graduate), listing by state, and other financial aid opportunities. You do not know what is available if you never look.

Scholarships are not the only way to prepare and pay for college. While web surfing yesterday I came across a great article: on Upromise. Upromise is a great way to save for school. Many of us shop online and Upromise is just the place to shop your way into college savings. Every time you shop through Upromise a percentage of the money spent is put into your Upromise account. Use this money to pay off a student loan or to further fund that 529 account of yours. I have saved over $500 since starting with Upromise. To do this I applied for the Upromise credit card and pay for everything I can with it. I earn 1% on all purchases. Now, I am not condoning going into credit card debt to save 1% for college. That would defeat the whole purpose. I pay the bill in full every month. If you are unable to budget for this then I would suggest not getting the credit card. But shop through the Upromise links and you will still earn a return on your shopping investment; and who doesn't like that.

Check Out iLearn at iVillage - It's Free

I keep getting these great reminders of free classes and courses all over the internet. And I am thinking, why not share? Want to learn more about Yoga? How about garden design? Sure it is winter, but it is never too early to start planning. Why not learn how to achieve more balance in your Work-Personal Life? iVillage has a great immersion learning program called iLearn. Real instructors, assignments, interactive message boards, connect with people, and learn something that interests you.

Enrollment is easy and free. Get involved in a community of people who share your interests. Tell them what YOU want to learn. Try it out. What you do you have to lose?

  1. Designing Your Own Garden
  2. Yoga for Everyone
  3. Achieving Work-Life Balance
If you want more information then take a tour and find out what iLearn is all about.

disclaimer: I receive no compensation from iVillage or iLearn.

Limited Time Offer - Free Classes at Edufire offers live video learning and for the month of January wants you to be able to try a class for free. It only takes a few minutes to create an account, which is completely free.

Some of the classes being offered are:
  1. Basic Travel Spanish
  2. Beginner's Japanese
  3. TOEFL Prep
  4. Beginner's Hindi Conversational
  5. Arabic for Beginners
  6. Introducing Tagalog
  7. Optimizing Your Mac Life in 10 Easy Steps
  8. Music Theory
  9. Introduction to the GRE
  10. Intermediate French Conversation
Check it out and see if there is something you have been wanting to try. Happy Learning!

disclaimer: I receive no compensation from eduFire.

Winter Semester Starts Today

I am sure there are those of you lucky enough to be off until the middle of January. For those of you, like me, whose break ended yesterday, let us sharpen those pencils, break out those shiny new books, and get to it! Today is the start of my winter semester. Some of you may have fall, spring, and summer semesters only. That is cool. Then today is the start of your spring semester. My classes just keep rolling along one month at a time with short breaks in between.

This month, today, I start Project Management. It will be a lot of work based on the syllabus. There are two chat threads each week with three posts required for each, homework, tests, mid-terms and finals, and a report due Wednesday of week four. In case you are new, I am an online student. Up until a two month ago I worked a very demanding full time job and with the extreme ruralness of my community online college was my only real option.

As with any new course, I am excited and nervous, and ready to learn something new. This course should be a great help since I am an extremely disorganized person. Not the best quality for a bookkeeper and accounting major. Oh, I can meet deadlines and get my work done, but something always falls by the wayside. Usually my family and personal life gets the shaft. So, I am going to give this class my attention and walk away with something useful for my life, not just my job or education.

What classes are you taking this semester? As I stated earlier, I take one class each month. January is Project Management, then it is Managerial/Cost Accounting in February, followed by Auditing in March, and Income Tax Accounting in April - talk about your perfect timing. I am definitely hitting the home stretch. Question will be whether having this degree will really help me find a good, long-term career position. I hope so, or else it is going to be one really expensive piece of paper!

Ah, the joys of school and the sadness of a break that has ended. Here is to all of you heading back to class today. Good luck and remember, Spring Break is just around the corner!

Current Brickfish Scholarships

I want to let you know of current scholarships with deadlines fast approaching. If you enjoy taking pictures, videos, or blogging then Brickfish wants to know all about it. All Brickfish scholarship opportunities listed here are open to all US, District of Columbia, and Canadian residents (sorry, this does not include Quebec) age 15 or older at time of entry.

  • "Festival Fodder 2: Cool Concert Movies" - Tell us all about that great concert-going moment. Got a funny picture? What about a cool video? Have something to say instead? Go ahead, blog it. You could walk away with a $500 scholarship or cash money! Hurry, the deadline for this is January 27th.
  • State "O" The Union - This is about your vision for the future after four years of President Barack Obama. So tell Brickfish what you think. Blog it, draw it, or tell it in a video. There is a little more time for this one. The deadline is February 5th. But do not dilly dally or you could miss out on up to $1000.
  • "Holiday Memories" - Could this be the one that scores $500 for your education? Tell Brickfish all about your holiday memories through pictures (stills or video) or in your own words. Go all the way back to your earliest childhood memory or tell about your latest holiday happenings. But do it now as the deadline for this promotion is February 9th.
  • "Planet Beautiful" - Now this is something everyone can get behind. Send Brickfish a photo of the most beautiful place in the world and tell them why you find it to be a favorite of yours. The deadline is February 11th. But this should be easy for the earth-lover in you. Hey, and up to $1000 does not hurt either.

Want to find more great scholarships like these? Check out Be sure to check the Brickfish web site for additional information on all the scholarship opportunities listed above. Good luck!

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