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In June 2007 I decided to look into returning to school for my Bachelor's degree. I had been managing okay with my Associate's degree, but the idea of moving back home [South Florida] without more education under my belt was not so appealing. By the end of July I had started my first class. Two years later I am five classes away from completing that degree and my oldest child is about to start her college journey. View my complete profile

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With this blog I hope to share some of what I have learned through my experiences as an online student and now, mom of a college student. Here you will find great scholarships, student deals, and other information to help with your voyage into higher education. Happy Studying!

Link Referral Sites... Are They Effective?

So, I am a member of a site that is supposed to draw traffic to your web page. What happens is you add a link to your site with a short description. Then you click on other people's links and review their sites, while generating traffic (your clicking on their link). So far I have about 11 comments (on the link referral site, none on my actual site) and about 160 clicks (again, no actual comments on my actual site). This then makes me wonder if this link referral site is actual worth it for the sake of generating interest in my blog.

Out of approximately 160 clicks to view my site not one comment has been made on my actual site. Are any of these people reading what I write? Are they checking out any of the great reference sites listed? What about clicking on any of the links pointing to scholarship or educational information sites listed in my sidebar? My guess is no. I have not seen any evidence of one click through from my sidebar. I made it easy to comment; all one has to do is check a box to rate each post. Nothing.

What good is it to draw traffic to one's site if no one actually gets anything out of the visit? I am still not showing in any google search. And, although I do want constructive criticism, I did get one review questioning my posts sending readers away from my site. And here I thought the point of giving reference information was to reference information.

I will continue to work this referral program since I have found some good sites by way of it. It may not be giving me what I want right now but that could be a two-way street. Maybe this last comment was on to something. Maybe I need to give more about me. My qualifications. Information I have garnered that do not require a link to another page.

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