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Winter Break

Only one week left then break is over. I have been making the most of this break by spending quality time with my kids and baking lots of cookies. Sometimes doing both at the same time. I have finally cracked the code of delicious not burnt cookies. Trust me, for years I have struggled with either underdone or burnt on the bottom cookies. This causes me to want to bake bars instead of drop cookies. And you never get as many cookies with bars. Although they are good that way.

So, I was baking a bunch of cookies for my daughter about a week and a half ago; right before school let out. And what I noticed was every time I had two sheets of cookies in the oven the bottoms would burn. But when I had one sheet going the cookies would come out just fine. I did not really give this a whole lot of consideration at the time; this came later.

Then, my daughter helped me bake a final batch of cookies the Thursday prior to school letting out. She inadvertently turned on the top oven instead of the bottom. Yes, I have a double oven with top being smaller; almost like a glorified toaster oven. Not wanting to waste the energy to heat the bottom oven we decided to use the top. It takes a little longer, but the cookies come out perfectly.

The day after Christmas I set to baking: bread, cookies, etc. While I had my bread dough rising in the lower oven I baked my cookies in the top oven. First I made oatmeal scotchies. I love these. They consist of oatmeal and butterscotch chips and are the best! I made these in the form of bars as that is how I prefer these. But now that I have perfected the drop cookie my next batch will be dropped and not barred. These came out soft and chewy and yummy.

On to the chocolate chips. I used some white chocolate swirled chips; they were from last year and set to expire in January. Oops. After we tested to cookie dough, it is just too good to pass up even if it is not good for you, I made drop cookies. I was lucky and got three dozen chewy and yummy cookies that looked so round and perfect you would swear they were store bought. I should have taken pictures. Next time, I promise.

Now I said I baked and spent time with the kids. Not a lie, we played Clue. This was fun as I imitated the sound from Friday the 13th every time I accused the killer of using a knife. I knew this was not true; I had the knife. But I needed other clues. My kids learned this from me and now use it against me. At least they pay attention.

Well, it is back to family time and enjoying one more week of no school. My next course is Project Management. I smell a research paper of some sort. Yuck!

How are you spending your winter break? Tell me all about it. And, Happy Holidays!
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