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What I Learned Wednesday - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

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That got your attention, didn't it? It is so not what you were thinking when you stumbled upon this post today. This past week we learned about sexual harassment in the workplace. Interesting stuff, to say the least.

Did you know that sexual harassment does not have to have any sexual overtones? Really. A great example would be a woman working in a male-dominated field such as construction. If the men harass this woman just because she is a woman, say things like 'you can't do this or that as well as a man' then that is construed as sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment in the form of you do this for me and I do that for you is called 'quid pro quo'. And when it creates an abusive, offensive, or intimidating environment it is considered creating a 'hostile work environment' [see construction example above].

If you give in to a sexual relationship then remove yourself from said relationship and lose your job, position, or are otherwise punished it still is sexual harassment. It does not matter that you once consented.

This should not be carte blanc for everyone to go and complain of harassment that is nonexistent. If your boss [or any other co-worker] creates an unpleasant work environment by issuing unwelcome remarks or gestures, then you should speak to the person next in line. If that does not solve your issue, then you should look into your company's policy regarding these types of situations. Know your rights and things will go much smoother in your work environment.

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