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In June 2007 I decided to look into returning to school for my Bachelor's degree. I had been managing okay with my Associate's degree, but the idea of moving back home [South Florida] without more education under my belt was not so appealing. By the end of July I had started my first class. Two years later I am five classes away from completing that degree and my oldest child is about to start her college journey. View my complete profile

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With this blog I hope to share some of what I have learned through my experiences as an online student and now, mom of a college student. Here you will find great scholarships, student deals, and other information to help with your voyage into higher education. Happy Studying!

What I Learned Wednesday - Wrong Major?

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My current course in school is Money & Banking. Although I find it slightly more interesting than watching grass grow (no reflection on the professor), I actually know more about the subject than I would have first guessed. And, yes, this does come as a bit of a shock to me.

My major is accounting. Not so much because I want to be a CPA, because I do not. I do not really want to be an accountant. I received my Associates in Accounting back in 1995 and have worked as a bookkeeper or in other accounting functions ever since. It seemed only logical that I receive my Bachelors in Accounting. And, as much as I love math and am a good bookkeeper it is not what I want to do for a living.

So, you could imagine my surprise when I actually understood the course materials even though it all seems Greek to me. I read what people think on the given topic and I say, "huh?" Yet my responses seem to be equally as Greek and illicit an educational response of comprehension. Seriously! I am as shocked as the next person.

What is it I want to do? Ever since I can remember I have wanted to do two things: become a doctor and write. Honestly, I think becoming a doctor is not going to happen. It could, but I do not believe I could handle all the blood and stuff. I would like to do lab work. I am not sure I am ready to dedicate another two to four years to become a lab technician, though. That leaves writing. I have a few ideas milling about. And I even tied for 5th place in a weekly writing contest. Hey, it was not last and it was my first effort into sharing my work in an organized setting, ever. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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