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In June 2007 I decided to look into returning to school for my Bachelor's degree. I had been managing okay with my Associate's degree, but the idea of moving back home [South Florida] without more education under my belt was not so appealing. By the end of July I had started my first class. Two years later I am five classes away from completing that degree and my oldest child is about to start her college journey. View my complete profile

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With this blog I hope to share some of what I have learned through my experiences as an online student and now, mom of a college student. Here you will find great scholarships, student deals, and other information to help with your voyage into higher education. Happy Studying!

Student Loans & Resources

As a college student, I know how daunting it can be taking some courses. In my final year I am taking some of the hardest courses in my educational career. If I decide to pursue my MBA, they will only increase in their difficulty. With so much attention focused on my course work I do not want to expend additional energy wondering and worrying where the money will come from to pay for this education.

Every college and university has a financial aide department. It is recommended you speak with a counselor in that department and have them assist you in determining the amount needed to fund your (or your child's) education. But, that alone is not the answer. And there are some great sites available to help you decide on the right loan package for you.

Simple Tuition puts many lenders in one convenient place. Find information on FAFSA, private and government loans, having a co-signer, and the best loan for you.

Click here to find the right student loan for you

Monster Learning is powered by The same people who help you find work will assist you in finding a school and money to pay for your education.

Essay Edge will help you get into that college. Because what good is the loan and books without the education? Right? And once you have the degree in hand they will help you with your resume to get that job! Essay Edge (& Resume Edge) is partnered with Yahoo and HotJobs so they are a name you can trust. Admissions Essay Help

And do not forget about FastWeb and Upromise for assistance with finding scholarships and saving money for college. I cannot recommend these sites enough.

Find Free Money For College!

That is it. Some great resources for new, returning, and current college students. Know of other great sites? Have you posted about it? Drop me a line or send me a link and together we can get the word out.
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